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Future of influencers

So everyone is talking about how influencers are fake and are just paid to sponsor products.  And its true, but we knew this. Now its just more in your face in the caption of each post.

Authenticity is key to engaging with your community but if you wanna make a bunch of noise online influnecers will still do the trick.

And I think that’s true because we as humans follow them to find out cool things that we may or may not like.  We follow them for the persona they portray.

As targeting online becomes way more precise I believe we will use influencers to target consumers with ads, based on the consumer’s preferences.  Meaning display ads will be rendered with specific influnecers that match the target; and will vary from target to target even with the same product. This will ensure ultimate personalization and increasing conversion rates.  If that makes sense.

Basically its not going away.  Influencers are basically rented temporary brand ambassadors.  Renting is like so in right now….

So totally my opinion…no links.