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Brick & Mortar vs. The Online-rs

Digital is the topic, however the majority of sales are still done in a shop shop.  You know with a postal address and a land line and everything. (check out the link @the bottom)

The in store is the experience; touch, smell, try.  Many retailers are aligning themselves thus; ensuring the in store is a great experience that captures your purchase.  Apple did great when they launched their new all glass apple stores way back when.

Its all about experience and you technically need both to deliver it all.


Online is just a low cost entry point; grow big enough and you’re going to need physical interaction.

The main question here to me is: can commercial real estate owners catch up to the trend?  No one wants to sign a 5 year lease with a monthly rent of 50K; brands love 3 month pop ups, no commitment.  Here and they’re gone, like an add on google search…..

Great info graphic with a ton of info CLICK HERE