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ArdenexKendall+Kylie – Hitting consumer touch points like a boss

Ardene has teamed up with Jenners to produce a wicked good campaign.  I mean wicked good. They covered a shit ton of consumer touch points and made it on every point of my journey right into their store.

Saw it on Instagram, then some blogs I visit; so they’re all over social and display.  Clicked a link saw the collection briefly, ads followed me (not one but a good variety to change it up!).  Heard it on the radio, saw a pop up at the mall entrance with directions right into their store. And when you get close to their store, clearly visible from across the mall where they were located.

Global News Segment Click Here

ArdenexKendall+Kylie Collection Here

It’s a simple idea; a limited edition clothing line that would be released in select stores to keep the “premium-ness”.  Combined with planned touch points at key moments in the consumer journey they delivered this simple idea flawlessly to capitalize in their use of basically influencers.